Another amazing senior from the class of 2014 that I photographed earlier this year.   I have known his mama since I was in high school and I am not surprised that her kids have turned out to be amazing people!  He is talented and SO SMART and is definitely going places.  His family was there the day I took his senior pics and I’m glad I was able to get one photo of them together to capture this special time.  Good luck, N (even though you don’t need it)!



My blog site has been neglected for months and though I should post a few 2014 high school senior sessions before they are graduating from college!  First up is this beautiful and talented gal who has a smile that will light up a room!  She is beautiful, smart, sweet and strong and I was honored to spend that afternoon with her – also happy that I convinced her proud mama to be in a couple pics at the end of her session – just look at the smiles on their faces!  She will absolutely make this world a better place!


My dear friend, Kristen Duke is doing a really cool series on her blog called “Decorating with Pictures” – not only can you get cool ideas for uses of your photos, there are also tons of contests/giveaways – check it out!

Decorating with Pictures February Series

It was so hard to condense these photos into just a few! It was an honor to see this awesome couple go from expectant parents to mom and dad of a beautiful baby girl!  I met this couple for the first time when I did their maternity photo session.   The first thing I noticed about them is how much they laugh together – even during her labor at the hospital – lots of sweet moments and laughs too.  They are going to have a beautiful life – and a lot of fun!  xoxo

Another gorgeous senior from last year that I had the honor of photographing – can’t believe I am just now sharing (like all the other sessions I never blogged)!   I was so impressed by her individuality and humor – she also has TONS of  musical talent.   Aren’t I lucky to meet these amazing people?!


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I think I updated my blog site a total of 4 times last year – so so sad because there are so many wonderful people that I met and photographed,  like this beautifully talented dancer who graduated last year.   She is in college now and I’m sure she is excelling at everything she does!

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